Cannot disable new dark mode?

Hi! Recently the Tempest website appears to have switched to “dark mode” - but I cannot find a toggle to disable it? I can’t read the dark-on-dark-on-dark purple scheme. It all blurs together and strains my eyes. I need light and contrast. Thank you!

At Tempest Settings … near the bottom …

Screenshot from 2022-07-14 06-37-55

It unfortunately doesn’t seem to be doing anything. It just seems to switch between Dark and Very Dark. Thanks for the suggestion!

That is the new Light mode (it’s why everyone is going on about the colour).
I personally don’t mind it.


Light color scheme - even with plum I guess I needed to make it a feature request.

I’ve unplugged my tempest until it’s resolved, otherwise I’ll sell it as it’s currently illegible to me.

Why miss all of the historical data while it gets resolved?

Is the issue in both the app and the web?

These are on Android.

Tap the Theme to cycle through the options.

I’ll give you $50 for your Tempest…


I’ll go $65.
Maybe even $66.

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Way too rich for my blood, especially with the purple screens in the app (that I never use)… :man_facepalming:

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i don’t know what is going on in your app, but my android version looks likes this in light and dark mode:

Dark mode has very high contrast, It is almost like white on black.
How does your screen look like in dark mode and in light mode?

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To me the left screen (dark mode) shows how silly this whole thing is - there is no branded coloring there. It looks like an even darker version of the mode on the right. If the right side used white background, black writing, and maybe plumb headings it might work out better. The dark mode on the left should still use plumb for the “Display Options” header if the color branding mattered.

I find both sides of this picture extremely hard to read. It’s less of a problem on the settings screen, which I am rarely on, but it is a big problem on the main display where it’s all dark-on-dark-on-dark but not black-on-darker-on-darker.

If you find the left side hard to read, you might consider to look for a better monitor or phone (whatever you are using). Perhaps your display doesn’t supply enough contrast.

The text at the bottom is just black and white, there is no way to improve on that. The very dark plum only causes a small reduction in contrast.

I find all dark modes hard to read. It’s not my monitor, it’s just me. I find it hard to read on a computer, a phone, a tablet, different makes, different models, different technologies. Yes I see an optometrist annually.

We agree, the other of us is insane for liking dark or light mode, I’m just on the light mode side thinking dark mode people are insane. :slight_smile:

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