Color in App - Really? Purple?

I’m brand new to Tempest and am very impressed with the utility of the product. It’s amazing to me that a small piece of hardware and software can provide such incredible information.

However, I was struck with the terrible Puke Purple that is being used for the color of the app. I like the app and will probably check it several times a day, but WOW. It almost brings forth a reaction like that screeching sound on a chalkboard as I look at it. I like the Tempest app. I just wish they would have thought more about what everyone has to look at and how they think about their product when they do look at it,

I have seen some of the other posts about the purple color. Seems Tempest chose this color for branding.

I’m not a branding expert but it seems like you would want an attractive app for the most successful branding. Who thinks this purple is attractive?

Has anyone thought about bringing in a color expert to see what they think? Maybe they could add accents that would improve the look.

Maybe color experts would help the branders feel more comfortable with an attractive color.

Will this post be squelched? Probably, but it makes you think that someone is afraid to look at this problem.

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Everybody is a gui expert.


it used to be beautiful cyan, they changed it to this beautiful purple. It’s fine. There is no problem to look at.