Pole size ID or OD?

Well since I can’t find anywhere else to post a suggestion I will put it here. Thank you and feel free to move it wherever you decide.
The instructions online and that came with the unit said that it mounts to a 1 in pole. That is not true at all. Unless you’re talking about inside dimensions of a pipe that’s actually almost an inch and a quarter. Perhaps this should be clearly stated as 1 inch inside diameter pipe because with the 1/8-in walls it will actually fit on the included mounting gizmo.

you can just make a new post with appropriate title. Any I don’t know which instruction you have but here https://help.tempest.earth/hc/en-us/articles/360047672153-Flat-Base-Pole-Mount it mentions a length of “one inch” pipe (PVC or steel, 1.25"-1.315" outer diameter)
I just assume that the americans name their pipes after the inside diameter.

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Thank you for such a quick response! The Americans have nothing to do with it the actual dimensions of the mounting bracket that comes with the device is inch and a quarter not 1 in as stated in the directions and online. If maybe if those instructions said we’re talking about inside pipe dimension and hopefully you only have 1/8" walls on that pipe. I’m an engineer. What can I say I like accuracy. Thanks again!

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as an engineer, here is your enginering answer… https://www.engineeringclicks.com/pipe-size-chart-pipe-schedule-chart/
a “one inch pipe” has an inner diameter of one inch.

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Officially 1 inch pipe is measured by the inside diameter. Most pipes are classified that way also. The wall thickness is from some design created years ago and is classified as “SCHEDULE” giving several different wall thicknesses. A common Schedule for 1 inch pipe is Schedule 40. That probably provides a max pressure or so.

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Pipe is specified by ID. Tubing is specified by OD…

Thank you for your response. It’s funny that the two replies I’ve gotten so far to that are both rather derogatory. Okay. I’m wrong and you’re right. You feel better now? All I was pointing out is that to an engineer if you tell me that the pipe mount on this unit is 1 in. Then I’m going to buy a pipe that is 1 in outside diameter assuming that you people don’t know anything about schedule 40. Which by the way is much too flexible to put 10 or 20 ft in the air in a 40 to 50 mph wind. It clearly states in the directions to mount it on a stable mount and not something that flexes.

Thanks anyway and I will let it go because my response is so far have been rather on the negative side. Thanks again for a unit that I hope will serve me for years to come. We’ll see.

its not intended to be negative. just explaining what a “one inch pipe” means. The online instructions I pointed you to clearly state to get something with 1.25"-1.315" outer diameter. Clearly the instructions you used aren’t clear enough and should be improved. Hopefully you managed to mount your tempest anyway.

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"The pole mount attachment is designed to fit a standard 1.25 inch antenna mount or any one-inch nominal pole or pipe (1.315 inch outer diameter) and anything in between."

That is pretty clear if you even try to look up what they say works from https://help.tempest.earth/hc/en-us/articles/115005229767-Siting-Installation-for-Tempest

I’d suggest since those were your first post plus two followups that you consider leaving your attitude at the door before you make the next post, or it is unlikely you’re going to get a lot of help from anybody…

FWIW - there are dozens of posts here about what works, with pointers to the most highly recommended fence top rail that is 10.5’ long and works perfectly with the Tempest. One thread with the parts that work is Attaching Pole to 4x4 Wood Post?