Attaching Pole to 4x4 Wood Post?

I just installed my WeatherFlow station. I attached the pole to a treated 4x4 post with 2 Electrical Metallic Tube (EMT) Straps. The straps were loose, so I added pieces of foam pipe insulation. When I finished the installation, the pole was solidly attached to the post. With cold weather and compression of the foam, the pole is now loose and has slide down.

I’m trying to find a better way to attach the metal pole (a white, metal closet rod) to the post. I’ve wandered the aisles of Lowe’s and Home Depot and haven’t found a solution.

Any hardware tips?

IMG_6247 IMG_6302

I have mine on a 10 foot fence top-rail attached to my wood fence 4x4 and originally did it your way, but found that using pipe hanger brackets worked better. There’s about the same cost. is one variant. I don’t recall which size I bought so you’ll want to be careful there re: size.

If you want me to take a photo of my setup IM me and I’ll do it this weekend sometime.

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May need guy wires if over 10’. Which means a ring at pole top & ground stakes. But DANGEROUS for children & animals!!

Thank you for the link! I’ll take a look at those today. If you don’t mind, I’d like to see a pic of your installation. Do the hangers provide a solid connection to the post (no movement, vibration)?

I shouldn’t need guy wires with a good connection to the post. When I first installed the pole, everything was solid. No movement at all in the wind. The pole is quite rigid.

Here’s the photos - yes they are ‘very’ solid. I used 4 hangers on the low 6’ of the 10’ pole. I made sure to get you both sides of the bag so the UPC code was there. The #2 size is important if you went with the fencing top-rail that a number of people have suggested.

IMG_20190112_134234751 IMG_20190112_134246944


I saw these at Lowe’s a few days ago and wondered about them. I’ll give them a try.

Thank you!!

FWIW, my Home Depot fence top rail mast (20 feet) is sitting on the ground, and fastened to my deck railing at about 7 feet AGL with a lag bolt and exactly one of these:

This might not be the correct size for what I bought. I had to give it a smidge of stretching with two pairs of pliers to widen the strap, and it fits so snug that I have to pry it off of the mast to take it down.

My neighborhood is in a huge bowl in the terrain, so it has not had to endure more than a 30 MPH wind…

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Hey Ken, Nice work there. I too had exactly what you have installed. A 4x4" treated beam but with a 10’ steel commercial grade pipe (also Lowes). I found that even with cement in the ground the weakness in this design is the attempt to increase the height of the pipe (PVC or steel) higher. The higher you go the more sway you will have. I have mine mounted on top of a sand dune on the beach where 50mph winds are common in the winter. The higher I tried to cheat the pole up the fasterners the more sway and vibrations leading to false precipitation there was.

It appears you have a very nice chimney there on your house would you consider using a multiple metal strap and steel pole combination to elevate Sky above a safe zone from fireplace heat??? The good news is Sky won’t care if the temperature is off a little (of course too close and you’ll melt Sky).

If you don’t want or can’t do a chimney assembly, I’ve reverted to 6 bags of cement ($2.64 60lb bag)
and a 16’ beam of 4"x6" with an 18" heavy duty PVC pipe. (see image).

I’ve had NO false readings since I used the height and “beef” of the 4x6 and just a little 18" of PVC.
New%20Mount%2C%2018' New%20Mount

I really like your tall 4x6 and short poles; very nice!

I wish I could use the chimney, but needing to change batteries doesn’t make it practical (holding my breath for a Sky solar panel add-on). I’ll stay with the current location even though it isn’t optimal.

My 4x4 post & closet rod combo seems to work well so far, except for the attachment hardware. I’m going to try the hangers recommended by Vinceskahan and see how they work.


I had exactly the same problem with an earlier weather station and simply drilled two holes through the pole and screwed it to the post. It helps to flatten the pole a bit with a hammer at the point where it’s screwed as this makes it easier and more stable,

gliska15, I like you open view. I guess you get little turbulence where you are - looks like you’re at the coast - have not look at your location.

Thanks Mike. That’s a great idea!

These are definitely not the cheapest option, but I have had good luck using 2 of these:

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I put mine over 10’ high on the roof:

and have no guy ropes. I admit I wasn’t sure it would last but it has so far through high winds. I imagine it’ll fare well enough in our strongest winds, and the biggest risk it faces is with strong winds and heavy turbulence (gusts).

But it is on the roof and nobody will be pushing on it, falling into it or such, it’s only wind it has to deal with and as it’s not a sail, nor carrying one and has a very modest profile it seems likely to last. We shall see.

Those look nice. I’ll work with the lower budget ideas first than look at the Wilson mounts if I need them. Thank you!

Update: I changed my pole to a 10.5’ chain link fence top rail and used the EMT Conduit Hangers recommended by @vinceskahan. I used small galvanized lag screws to secure the hangers to the post. So far, I’m very happy. The whole thing is rigid and solid.

Waiting for some heavy wind to see how it works out.

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yup - works pretty great. Nice part is the conduit hangers are pretty good for getting things absolutely vertical and plumb. Very easy to adjust. Very easy to take it down if you need to do maintenance.

Taking it down is the big bonus for me for battery change time. Loosen the hangers, slide the pole down, then change batteries on a step ladder. Works great!

Ken, I have noticed that several times you make a post, delete it and make the same post. Are you have issues with the forum?