Just purchased new Tempest weather station!

Hi guys, first time posting i wasn’t sure were exactly to post this but I am really excited to join the Tempest community and be a part of this great forum. I will be posting pics in a few days once my station is up. Will be installing on a 10 foot 1 inch EMT in my backyard into the ground with quick drying cement.

2 Questions: I was told to add duck tape to the end of the pipe were the station gets screwed into to reduce vibration? Is this something recommended? Also I am planning to put the EMT pipe about 1 foot to 1 1/2 into the ground so you guys think that is deep enough? I would think so. Any advice or opinions will be greatly appreciated!



Greetings Adrian and Welcome to WeatherFlow Tempest. Brilliant Choice! I’m not only a Tempest Field Tester. . .I’m also a Tempest device owner as well. I have 3 devices on my property that measure weather parameters and various locations and heights above ground.

Per your first question. . .use the outer large “tightening nut” to secure Tempest to your pole. . .but do NOT over tighten it. Tempest just needs to have a snug fit. You can wrap some soft foam-type wrapping around the bottom of the pole mount. . .if you think there will be some vibrations. It all depends on your location and if you get strong winds. Also a soft cloth duct-taped around the bottom could also mitigate any vibrations that could occur. Per second question. . .for the bottom of your mounting pole. . .putting it 1 to 2 feet deep would be sufficient. Now a metal pole OR PVC pipe will oscillate. . .if the middle or upper portion is not secured as well. . .because Tempest is a heavy object (its weight) and any heavy device that is up 10-15 feet above the ground will be subjected to effects of “wind sway” if not securely anchored.

You will enjoy Tempest because it has features not found in other types of stations. As a Meteorologist. . .I think the coolest part of Tempest is the Lightning Detection portion! When storms pass your way next Spring and Summer. . .you will be amazed at the Lightning Strike information. Note. . .Tempest’s Lightning Detection will NOT tell you what direction the storms are. . .it only tells you the distance from it and as the lightning increases. . .that means storms are headed your way. As lightning strikes decrease. . .it means storms are diminishing in intensity or moving away. Consult a local NWS radar to determine the exact location.


This is awesome thx so much for the reply. So i will put it a little shy of 2 feet in the ground with cement. So there is no need to put any duck tape at the top of the pipe ? Also you mentioned putting something about putting duck tape at the bottom do I need to this even though it’s going to be in cement? You know was also reading a lot about battery and the station staying charged but as long as it is in good sunlight and being in Florida I should not worry about that right?

Again really appreciate it your responses.


Cement is acid and over time can corrode steel (even inox)
So yes some do tape the part going into cement to prevent this.

For the upper part, depends on how slippy the pole is. Just fix it and try to pull of the adapter, if it sticks then no need. If you feel that it tends to slip of, just one round of tape will help.

In Florida it will stay charged as it is rare you have like a full week with a single sun ray :sunny:

Interesting I’ll make sure to give it a few raps of duck tape at the bottom of the pipe before adding the cement.


Question the Tempest brings batteries? Or should I buy those energizer lithium? Still trying to understand the function of the batteries if it’s powered by solar.

Indeed a bit disturbing, let me try to clear that for you.

The Tempest has an internal non removable battery that is charged by the solar panels. In normal situation the Tempest charges each day and continues to work.
In some areas of the world, winter months are long and the sun can be insufficient to charge the battery.

For this a Power Booster is in development to help the Tempest survice this period and not just drain empty and stop working. This Power Booster can be used with batteries and or a power socket system. But it is not yet available.

In short you don’t need to buy any batteries because the tempest as is can’t change them.

Hope it is more clear now :slight_smile:

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You might be confused by past threads for the original Air+Sky station which was indeed powered by AA batteries until the Sky solar panel was developed. The current Tempest is completely solar powered at this time so no batteries are needed for a Tempest.