Ideas for dampening vibrations

I’ve installed my Tempest weather station on a 10ft hollow metal pole with three guy wires. I’m noticing false rain events when the guest/wind events in the 20’s and 30’s. The guy wires have been tightened which has reduced the frequency but I’m wondering now is the pole vibrating. Looking to stuff something up the inside of the pole but before I do, I’m not sure what would be the best. I was considering the follow

  1. Plastic Grocery bags
  2. Round foam weather insulation
  3. Plastic ribbed wire management tubing (slit all the way down and slightly over sized)
  4. Expandable wire management sleeves 25ft - 1.5 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving – Blackbred – Alex Tech Braided Cable Sleeve : Electronics

I’m also considering installing a dome security camera pointing up to watch and record the weather coming in. I’m at a high elevation in town. I’m pretty sure that will change the naturel frequency of the pipe but don’t want to rely on just that.


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Those steel wires acts like strings in the wind, tightened or not doesn’t matter, even tighter is worse.
I use climbing rope instead and that can’t induce any micro vibration.

I’d start already with replacing those.
Filling the pipe with dry white sands and sealing it might also dampen the pipe vibrations.

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I was wondering if you could put something on the wires to change their natural high frequency vibrations. I’m not sure if a few cable clamps randomly placed along their length would do it or if some rubber tape winds around them would work. The rope is a great idea but they degrade and need to be replaced periodically.

i wouldnt even bother i cant believe people are still talking about false rain vibrations. its over!! never getting fixed in 5 years they dont care. just get a real rain gauge.

I bothered to do something about it and now don’t have any issues with it. I took care of it with the first generation SKY which is even more suseptible to false rain.

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I like that idea of putting something on the wire. Possible fishing weights. The lead type that clamps on. I suspect putting two, ~ 1/3 positions would be good.


Never had any issues using the metal 10.5’ fence toprail mentioned in multiple posts here that was securely attached to a 4x4 wood fence post with conduit hangers. My suspicion (suspicion) is that the conduit hangers possibly flex a tiny bit under stress and dampen any vibrations out.

:slight_smile: Give up? Me? Never. lol If there is nothing wrong with the unit and outside influences are causing the issues, it’s better to figure out the best practice in setting up mounts that WORK then just complain, throw up your hands, and run crying. I do respect your opinion, though. To each his own. cheers!

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Totally agree with the idea. Allowing it to flex a bit disrupts the ability for the amplitude of the frequency to build up. I’m going to lower the unit, take the weather station off, and try to line the inside of the pipe with the braided sleeve. The sleeve should help to dampen the vibrations that build up in the pipe (from what I’ve read). We’ll see what happens. :slight_smile: 25ft - 1.25 inch PET Expandable Braided Sleeving – Black – Alex Tech Braided Cable Sleeve : Electronics

I think you’re close :slight_smile:

From the picture I see 2 things;

  1. The mounting pole is long; you are guaranteed vibration that will need to be mitigated.
  2. The guy wires are attached to tubing that is attached to the fascia at a single point, that is doing almost nothing to absorb vibration.

I had the same thing!!
I completely fixed the “false rain” by installing the guy wires shown below.
Coming straight down and making them tight.

However, similar to you, I created a very unsafe situation if/when I need to service the station. Your situation is not as bad as mine. I shortened the mast, and it was fine.

The only reason to be mounting that high is to measure weather at the standard 33’. If you are not at 33’, then it matters not. It doesn’t appear that your station is at 33’. I would recommend lowering the mounting position and eliminating the need for guy wires.

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