Using a pole to mount Tempest Weather Station

I have my Tempest Weather station mounted on a 10 and 1/2 foot galvanized pole on my roof. It is secured about a foot or so from the bottom of the pole. The pole is quite strong, but I wonder if there is a limit to how high the Tempest should be mounted on a pole in order to prevent vibrating in a very strong wind that would give false rain readings. Unfortunately my Tempest is not functional now and at least two of the sensors are not working properly, as far as I am concerned. The wind sensor is all over the place when it comes to direction and the speed is under reported. The rain sensor is also under reporting when compared to a manual read rain gauge located close to the Tempest weather station. As I stated earlier, the station is offline and the only sensor that it reports is the temperature. Everything else is frozen with the readings that were reported when it went offline. I received an automated message that my station was offline and I tried the suggestions it offered but it did not clear up the problem. I am still waiting for support from weatherflow after I have submitted several requests for help. I feel I need a new Tempest because the one I have has never worked properly since I put it up a week ago.

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