Large Tempest Wall Display

Hey fellow Tempest fans!

We’re a small company (LUMIQ) that specializes in illuminated artistic displays, and we’re working on a large circular wall display for presenting Tempest data in a beautiful way. Have a look at the photos attached. These are 1/4" thick and combine a graphic printed on glass with a WiFi connected LED panel. The graphic can be anything you want (the wood grain is just an example), and the specific data shown can also be tailored. We’re planning to release a few different sizes and shapes as well.

We’re just looking to get some general feedback, feature requests, or any constructive criticism. Thanks in advance!


looks nice. Without explanation the forecast would be a bit unclear for the casual observer.

Where do you get the cloud cover and visibility data from?

We bring in some data from free public sources like Ideally, we want to allow people to configure the various dials and scales to be whatever data source they want, like from their tempest or any other API.

Looks nice. Any idea of delivery dates? Any ballpark cost? If you have that.

Just this morning before my bicycle ride I really would have liked to see a Tempest display rather then having to wake up my computer or grab the phone. I thought the data displayed was pretty clear in meaning.

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Looks great. Like the idea of changing the background. Black would probably be the best choice to see from a distance for us old folks.

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Looks like Braille. A glance and it doesn’t grab my attention…Needs animated weather icons at least. led’s are more like KITT from Nightrider and meaningless to a degree.
The criticism you did ask, coming from s’one who has old Android phones/Tablets always-on displaying the app makes this a paperweight/ or should I say dinnerplate ::

Hoping to have something ready for the holiday season. Cost is still a moving target.