Weird light readings and web site discrepancy

Suddenly, todays light readings are “weird”. Starting today, in the data from UDP, I’m getting 0 lux, 0 W/m2, and UV of around 10. We’re currently very smoky from wildfires, but these readings are very different from the last few days (granted there are some clouds above the smoke today). On the website at the moment it shows 55584 lux, 463 W/m2, and UV of 12.4. A nearby unit is also showing a very elevated UV (on clear days before the smoke we were running about 5 or 6 for the UV high for the day). Was there an overnight firmware update that caused the UDP data to change? Is there processing on the web site that causes a discrepancy between UDP data and the website data?

Nope, just a calibration that happened on a bad day … let me ping techs about it

If the weird readings are due to a recalibration - how is it that UDP data says 0 but the web doesn’t?

Never trust the web. It’s a trap and sticky situation.

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your UV calibration has been adapted as it was not ok due to smoke. It should be back to more normal levels.

Yes, thank you. UV looks good now. And my UDP issues were a botched attempt at filtering the spikes in solar radiation and illuminance. Now all is well.

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I live in the Monterey bay where we spent the last week or so dealing with heavy fog and smoke all day long. Yesterday and today are the first days of clear skies with no smoke over the past week or so. I installed my Tempest on 9/3. Today, I have a bunch of strange spikes on the radiance measurements. Is this due to calibration issues while it was smoky and will it fix itself through calibration in the coming days as long as the skies stay clear?

See this thread. It might be what you’re seeing.:

It does seem similar. I am seeing random spikes and the UV increases in correlation to those random spikes. I will let it go a few days and see if anything changes. What’s strange is that yesterday was a perfect curve. Today is filled with random spikes all day long

Sorry, now that I’m looking at the whole day, it does look like random dips, not spikes. Please see my weather underground link for an example

AH. That might just be birds or clouds. Especially since it is in both radiance and UV.

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