My E-Ink WeatherFlow Display

Someone suggested that I post my latest project in here. This pulls data from my home Weatherflow station. I built a web server along with it that lets someone enter in their API token (this will be a gift for someone else who has a station). If a token hasn’t been entered, the screen will tell you the url you have to go to to get it set up. You also have the option to change all of the units and change some of what shows up on the screen.

I added some nice features where if there hasn’t been any rain in the last 24 hours, the rain accumulation doesn’t appear.


Apparently as a new user I’m limited to one image. Trying to attach more here


One of the config settings page


My question is, how do I get one?

that looks pretty cool! well done!

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Happy to make you one if you want :slight_smile:

If you’re more the DIY type, here’s all that I used:


Nice clean display. I currently use a Kindle Fire HD with either BTST Wx or Weather Display apps. I like the all-in-one aspect of hardware and display. However, I have a Pi that I play around with from time to time and I’m always looking for fun little projects. I mainly commented to ask if it’s on github and I see you already answered. So good job and I will be checking out your project.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions

Just curious how much?

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The screens aren’t cheap, but this is what I have in materials (USD)

  • E-Ink screen: $59.99 + 6.00 shipping
  • Raspberry pi $15.99
  • Frame - $10

That plus maybe $20 for my time and any shipping to you. Admittedly not cheap, but it’s been a fun project to get up and running.


The E-ink display company makes a very similar display, that also has red. Have you considered code to support a second color? Maybe use red for accents, or extreme values? Great project!

It would definitely be easy to do! If there’s anyone out there that could use it, I could make the changes pretty easily (or pull requests welcome :slight_smile: )

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I see the displays are 5-second refresh and don’t support partial refresh. It would be very interesting to see your display refresh in a video so we’d know what it would look like.

Pretty amazing how expensive these things are once you get above 7" or if you want to get partial or quicker refresh rates.

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Here’s a link to a video (seems I can’t upload a video directly)

It’s not bad, but not great either. Waveshare recommends refreshing every 3 minutes to prevent burn-in. I’m currently doing it every 5 minutes. I’m considering upping it to 8-10 to see if it makes a difference.


I’m very interested in getting one. How would I make this transaction go forward?

I’ll send you a direct message and we can figure something out!

Love your project, will adapt your code to my setup, a Pi Zero with the small e-ink screen of the same size.

hey can you use an old tablet to do this? I have a couple that have not been recycled and would like to use for this.

It’s certainly possible. This code specifically writes to the e-ink screen, but I do have something written in the code to display an image instead of writing to the e-ink screen. I’m not sure it it would look as nicely

i absolutely love this project, but need some help figuring out the steps. i’m 53 and know enough to be dangerous. I have a few pi4’s running, one runs weewx, another my 3d printer, and i have a zero i use as a wireless usb drive, so i’m good at following directions. i have a wireless zero and the e-ink display and hat… any way there’s a way to get a walkthrough of sorts to build this ? i’d be forever grateful…

i’ll start - what OS do i need to load onto the pi zro ? and do i need to run a seperate server ?

inquiring minds…