My Home Assistant dashboards

vinceskahan asked in another thread to see my Home Assistant dashboards using Tempest data, so here they are!

I use two Home Assistant integrations.

  • WeatherFlow is the built-in integration that uses the UDP API to retrieve information from your local hub.
  • WeatherFlow Forecast gets both forecasts and sensor data using the REST API, so it has access to additional information.

The first dashboard just graphs the outside temperate against inside temps, precipitation, and wind. I have turned off the inside temps, since if they are included in the graph, it’s difficult to see any changes in the outside temp due to the change in scale. Also of note, I use a helper to calculate the max wind gust over the last hour, and I use that in an automation to warn me to lower the head of my bed if it gets gusty. I had a few cases where we lost power while I had the head of the bed elevated, and I couldn’t get to sleep until the power was restored. :slight_smile:

I also use helpers to calculate and graph the differential of the temperature, so I can see how fast temperates are changing.

I also get a nice card with the weekly forecast, with details.

I also have a few cards that focus on the battery, since I’m in the Seattle area and my neighbors to the south have tall trees. I’ve installed a PBA, and use these cards to help me monitor it.

I hope someone finds this interesting. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I found this very interesting. It is amazing how many different uses there are for weather data. Thank you especially for explaining why it is important to know if there is a strong wind gust.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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