Is there a way to get Tempest data to appear on my desk top

Is there a way to get Tempest data to appear on my desk top

You mean besides

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wow that looks awful on a 1080p desktop monitor. Hard to optimize for phone to big desktop screens.

There are a few ways you can do it. One is you could connect your Tempest to Weather Underground. But that service is, in my opinion, not long for this world. Another way would be to use a 3rd party platform. I use HomeSeer for my home automation and this program has a WeatherFlow plug-in and a touch screen module that lets you create your own displays. Here is an example of mine:

Note that the extended forecast on this screen is provided by DarkSkys as there is currently not a way to pass WeatherFlow’s forecasting through the plug-in.

The radar image is provided by:

My focus is info at a glance so I don’t have any access to charting on these screens.

This screen is sized to fit in the middle of my primary windows 10 screen. So the whole desktop looks like this:

If I touch the little house (bottom right side of the extended forecast) I can then get to my home controls.
This screen has a weather summary as it is actually the primary screen. I get to the detailed weather by clicking on the box that shows the current temps.

My Fitbit died so that is why there is no data there. Nothing gets you motivated to walk more than self shame :wink:

There are other 3rd party applications that connect to Tempest, if you search the forum you will find them.



Thank you so very much Tony, you provided a lot to consider.

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As Tony said,
There are several 3rd party applications.

Shameless plug… my BTSTWx app can be used on on Windows…


Sam, thank you for this info and i’ll check out your product

@robmrowka, if you want the Windows version, let me know and I will give you a download link.

This program demands ma longer reply so here is my original reply to your offer, yes please do!

Rob… and anyone else watching…

You can download the 64bit version of btstWx here:

It should work fine in 64bit Windows10 PCs and Tablets. If you need a 32bit version, let me know.