My weather station

My station is lokated in Udon Thani, Thailand.
I use a 1" water pipe as a pole and the hight is 2 meters above the roof. Total hight is about 6,5 meters above the ground and about 196 meters above sea level.
All seams to work well but some days l get rain alerts without real rain. IMG_20190328_065026|690x345](upload://gF7FLcWSjE9PuvugLLwccUt4WA9.jpeg)


Hi and welcome, I’m newb too. I have read that vibrations and birds can cause false reports.


Welcome and thanks for joining the conversation! Yes, false rain can occur for a number of reasons. Search for “false rain” on this forum and you’ll find much information.

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I had false rain while the unit was I my kitchen waiting to be mounted after moving house :joy:


Don’t tramp so havy in your kitchen :wink: It’s a new place be careful with it ! :smile: