New Station Doing Great!

Still chugging along with the new station…Have had two days of rain and the unit continues to match up well with other WF and various other brands of stations in the area…My reading since midnight for rainfall is .07"…Five other stations in the area range from .06" to 1.1", but the last one is south of me and in a rural area so I would expect more rain there than in a suburban area…So far, so good!


Passed one major test today…I was worried that the fence mounting location was too close to our garbage dumpster…The truck that picks up the garbage is a huge mechanical-lifting truck that really shakes the area…He came by today and, no false rain or other errors on the display! Very pleased so far!

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Welcome to the family Steve, the systems we have are basically an evolution in home stations. The Lightning reporting of the AIR when it is “tuned” to the correct direction for your locale is amazing. The Solar Accessory is just the duck’s nuts as we say here in OZ ,My SKY as well is excellent in reporting most rainfall events. The community is supportive , and the product backup from the WF team is second to none. There are a multitude of third party solutions for archival of your data as well, Enjoy.

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Hi and thanks for the welcome…I would be interested in a couple of examples of how to archive my data as you mention in your post…Again, thanks for contacting me!

Steve in Kansas 7086

Steve, have a look to the third-party section and set a special focus on ArchiveSW…

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