Old Android tablet with Android OS v. 5.1 (Lollipop?) for permanent display?

I dug out an old Google Nexus tablet that hadn’t been run for 3+ years and with no battery left.

After I plugged it into power and got it running and somewhat updated, I tried to install the Weatherflow app from the Google Play Store. No Smartweather app is compatible!

Although I can get to my station website via the browser, that doesn’t allow me to keep the tablet from sleeping and turning off the screen.

Is there a workaround? I never spent the time and mental energy to jailbreak the tablet so it is just like Google designed it with all of the restrictions. If a workaround requires an unlocked machine, it wouldn’t currently work on this tablet.

Fully Kiosk Browser is your friend…


Try btstWx or btstWx Pro…I’m conjunction with the kiosk software.

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You could also try the Keep Screen On app.

I am running the btstWx Pro app on an Android tablet with 5.0.2. I also run an app called “Stay Alive” to keep the screen on while the btstWx Pro app is running. Been running strong for almost 2 years.


Thank you to all who gave me suggestions.

Unfortunately, the “resurrected” Nexus didn’t last long at all. It has died again.

I guess if I want a static display in the house I’ll have to look for a really cheap tablet.

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If you choose to go the btstWx route, it is available for Android, iOS and Windows.