Dedicated device to put on wall?

Hello, does anyone out there know if weatherflow will ever offer a wall mount or stand alone device to see all our weather data at a glance full time either a plug in or battery type display? I was told long time ago with many other promises that it would be offered down the road, but I wonder if all that extra stuff was just a sales pitch to buy the tempest, and not a real time actual thing to expect. So far all I ever saw that was promised was the bird spike. Thanks

I don’t know who ever told you there would be a standalone console but already in July 2018 it was made very clear there would be none.

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I just double checked with Weatherflow people. Things are still as in 2018. It is one the which list to develop, maybe one day but at this stage, it is just an economical nonsense as you can get displays at a fraction of the price that with the app or webpage just do the same.

I short, maybe one day but for sure not on the short run.