Dedicated Display Console

While it’s great to have your tempest data on your phone when your away. You dont need it at home and frustrating you dont see a continuous display unless you buy a cheap tablet.

Why not produce a dedicated display accessory?

There are so many people out there wont buy tempest due to it does not come with it’s own display yet most weather stations do.

It’s great to be able to see a continuous display at home as at the moment use an ipad.

While it works it’s own display would be better. And would help sell more


I would agree, if I had any more votes left.


Even the poster didn’t vote for it.

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Agree, but how much would you increase the price for one ?

Touchscreen or display all on one screen ? Size ? Screen resolution ? Ability to add software to it ? Can the user be expected to be technical, or do you expect it to magically work out of the box after plugging it in and (worst case) joining to your wifi ? Who keeps it up to date re: security vulnerabilties (the user, or do you expect the vendor to magically get updates there for you) ?

Reason I’m asking is every feature ups the ante.

I’d suspect you can’t build one worth much visually for under $75…maybe $100 depending on feature set and screen size.


If you price out all of the major components like an LCD touchscreen wholesale at quantity 500, you will quickly discover that a $50 Amazon Fire 7 tablet running the WF Android app (or Fully Kiosk Browser to a web site) is a steal. Heck, the crappy official Raspberry Pi touchscreen is $70 retail ($20 more than the complete Fire Tablet) in quantity one:

If anyone wants to spend $120 for a dedicated display, I’ve got a near-endless supply of $39.99 Fire 7 tablets running the WF app to sell…


Easy it could be an accessory a s an option. But they should offer us an option? There are some weather stations like acurite and ecowitt come with basic displays but you can opt to get a better one.

I would be willing to pay extra for a dedicated display


How much extra ? Really. Asking a serious question.

$50 ?
$75 ?
$100 ?

Well these guys do it for not a lot extra over the tempest.

Remember I am saying as a option not an added cost or included in the box.if you dont want it then you dont have to but many of us would want a dedicated display and even an option for a display would sell more.

I see so many saying since it does not have a display they dont want it. Just check the weather statuon forums yourselves and see it as a big issue why they wont buy it as no display avaiable other than phone, etc.

Why rubbish the idea. No one would be forcing you to buy it if it was made an optional extra.

Buying option extra is nothing new. Davis offers optional extra, acurite, ecowitt all do and no o e forces them to buy them.

I just dont understand you guys? Not wanting the option at least as no one would be forcing you.

As for sales would help tempest sell.


Not discounting the idea. Just asking how much extra you’d pay for it. It is likely the 3rd party developers here could cook up a parts list and the software for you to do a some assembly required variant.

I did a dashboard with a pi3 driving a 10" display in which the weather data is only part of it, but the screen alone was 110 bucks. Add in the pi and sd card and you’re over 150.

Dropping it to a pi zeroW saves 20 bucks which is peanuts in comparison. All the cost is in the screen and case. Lots of room left here for the other 8 window sensors that I need to add for the rest of the first floor windows.


I appreciate that WF don’t provide a “plug-and-play” display like other manufacturers, but there are displays available in the Third Party Integrations section. Personally I am responsible for developing the WeatherFlow PiConsole, and other options like ArchiveSW and WX Console and Uploader are also great solutions


Seeing the mention that there would eventually be a dedicated display in the future is one of the main reasons I finally broke down and purchased the Tempest. I for one would pay too have a quality display.


I would definitely pay $100 for a decent standalone display.


I would be happy using a cheap tablet if the android apps worked better on the Fire 7 tablet.

The Tempest app auto-refresh does not leave the display at the top, so it’s always necessary to scroll up to see the current temp. Works as expected on an iPad mini, but that hardly qualifies as a cheap tablet.

The legacy app is painfully slow on a Fire 7, as is switching between Tempest and legacy.

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I bought a $59 Digiland 10,1 inch android tablet (android 9) from Best Buy. It displays the Tempest app just fine. Something better comes along I will consider it buy at the moment I am content.

I plan on dedicating a stripped down fire tablet for a wall mounted display. I would love to see a configurable background font size etc that would make it always on tablet friendly. The current app display contrast does not cut it. Think dark black or deep blue with white letters.

Hey folks, I’m looking for some kind of display for my home that will basically be able to show the data on the screen, along with other weather info, calendar, pictures, etc. I know there are nice, large wall mounted displays out there, just trying to get a sense of what folks are using currently. I have an old iPad set up on the counter running the iOS Tempest app now, which works, but I’m looking for something bigger and wall mountable. Thanks!

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Is this the one you got? If yes, its now $80. Any issues since your post? Is the resolution good? Do you set the Always On Mode and if yes, does the screen stay on? I just want to keep it simple and run the Tempest app.

Amazon is running Black Friday pricing on Fire tablets today. $34.99 (7"), $59.99 (8"), $99.99 (10"). Stock up and save…

That is the one I bought. No problems with it at all. It seems up to the task of running the Tempest app. Sorry to hear the price has gone up. $59 was a real good deal.

I received FIre HD 10 today and was able to install the Google Play store and install the Tempest app. I clicked on Full Screen and now I can’t undo Full Screen. There is no “Done” button displayed at the top left as it does on my iPad and iPhone.