Dedicated Display Console

Is there no back button on the Fire? It is either a physical button or a virtual one on my Android devices. Try swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

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I am in the process of replaceing my 3 old Rainwise LED displays with Weatherflow displays. I had some extra 8 inch Fire tablets I wasn’t using so I loaded the Tempest app on those and set them in table stands in portrait mode. These would be perfect replacements for the Rainwise displays except for 2 minor isuues. First, as others have noted, the background color is too light for reading from a distance. Since the point is to be able to glance at the display from across the room there needs to be better contrast for the display to be legible. The second problem is the font size on the secondary information at the right of the screen. I am always interested to see what is going on with humidity, “feels like” temperature, pressure trend, and wind gust speeds but I have to fish out reading glasses any time I want to view those because the font is so small. There seemes to be plenty of room for those items to be displayed larger so I’m wondering why they have to be so tiny that you can’t read them from a distance? If those 2 things were tweaked then I would be perfectly happy using the Tempest app as a replacement for my old Rainwise LED displays.


by tablet running the WF app you mean the tempest app . that would be a nightmare .
im sure without guest access they kids and any guest might change many settings on the tempest .

that would not be good .

now if they would kindly make a guest app like the one we already have then a cheap tablet would be the way to go …

FYI, there are other ways to accomplish this.
Check out the what other owners have done in the Third Party section, including using a dedicated tablet as a display.

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I looked in the Third Party section but didn’t see anything as simple as loading the Tempest app on a spare tablet and setting it on table or sideboard. All this solution needs is a tweak to darken the background and increase the font size for stuff on the right side of the screen and you have a cheap but excellent solution that can be set up in under ten minutes per location.

Another idea would be to update the Alexa skill so it gives a Weatherflow station display screen on Echo Shows when you ask Weatherflow for a reading. (It does not use video at all now). If this was done it should then be an easy step to provide an option to make the Weatherflow display your default background screen when the Echo Show is idle. Instant dedicated display!

My apps, btstWx and btstWxPro, both offer this sort of solution. Available for Android and iOS. Just install, connect to your station via your Station ID… and watch your weather.



Thanks, I’ll take another look.

Everybody is a GUI expert and has a different idea of what tweaks are needed. That’s the basic problem. With thousands of stations out there there are thousands of thoughts on what WF should do.


I cant get pro to come up?

never mid found it…

It would also be great to be able to display the Tempest data on an Echo Show

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Agree! Echo Show would be a great solution. Since Tempest/WeatherFlow already talks to Alexa some portion of required work may already be in place. Also agree on the contrast and too small text. I would rather see “relative humidity” than a “feels like” value. In low humidity geographic areas, of which there are many, there is seldom a difference between “Feels Like” and “Temperature”. Relative humidity would provide useful information to a wider audience in the same screen space. "Feels Like" is a dumbed down number for higher humidity areas.


+1 for the Echo Show - I actually bought one on a black Friday sale intending to use it for this until I found out that it just isn’t easily done at the moment.

Maybe something like what I have in my office?


What is this? Kindle HD10?


It’s a 22” Android device. They come in 10”, 15” and 22”. Going to mount the 10” on a table top stand for the living room.

A browser window set to display in full screen mode?

I would be willing to pay for a display especially if it added indoor temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. Currently, I’m using an old Kindle Fire 5 that I couldn’t even give away. At first, I just ran the Web site in Silk but it would stop refreshing after a while so I added Google Play to the tablet with the intentions of running Chrome but decided to to run the app as I live alone. I set the screen to stay on constantly and made a frame out of scrap lumber, then hung it on the kitchen wall. Total investment: $0.I’m notably cheap.


How much did you pay for it if you don’t mind me asking?


I work in this space so have them at my disposal. Any inexpensive Android tablet would work. I have seen 10” on Walmart and Amazon for about $60