Order of readings segments in display of station data?

My buddy and I both have stations set up now. When you hit them both with web browsers the order of the data is completely different between the two. I can’t see anything in settings that defines the order.



You can drag the “cards” around on the iPhone or Android app. Whatever way you leave them in the app will also be the view used on the web…


well how freaking slick is that!?!!! Very cool!


Thanks for the checkbox, @WFmarketing.

@chuck.tatham - You may want to have your buddy check his Sky’s mounting setup for any vibrations or other stray movements. His forecast card is calling for sunny and 0% chance of rain, yet his rain sensor is recording “very heavy” precipitation with what I consider implausible measurements…

See also HowTo Customize data view

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HI All,

I have rearranged the order in my app (IOS) but the order in my web page (station 5073) shows different. I have waited more than two minutes for the update to take place but still no change.
I have refreshed / closed tab / re entered address but no change

Any ideas?
Order on
app web page

Wind Wind
Temp Rain
Rain Solar
Solar Temp