Powering the Sky

Is there a better way to power the sky yet?

If you can find an old solar panel accessory somebody is trying to unload, perhaps. I never had any luck with them, FWIW, having three that always failed before I gave up trying.

I don’t see anything Air/Sky on the WF shopping site any more. Likely several years out of support.

I bought one of the solar units when they came out. The battery didn’t even last 1yr. I removed the failed battery and rechargeable AA, this worked until the next year when the pogo pins failed due to corrosion. I then repaired those and it worked until now and the solar charger circuit is now failed. I don’t know how those solar even worked in places that actually rain as all the issue were because it filled up with water every time it rained(I eventually added drains and used silicon grease on the gasket).

I guess I’ll just build a wired power supply that keeps my AA’s at 80% and mount it in the attic. That way the batteries should last long and keep the Sky running if/when power is out.

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