Progress on Bluetooth api documentation?

Is there any update on when the Bluetooth api docs will be published ? Seems to have been over a years since this question was asked ? Has anybody tried to reverse engineer ?

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That would be nice indeed - it looks like it’s been about 2 years since people first asked this question - and one year since your question, and there is no feedback?

I would like to add proper Weatherflow support to my own app, but I’m hesitant to go ahead and do it without Weatherflow’s official BLE documentation, even if the BLE protocol is pretty simple to decode…

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Does the BLE interface even exist ? Has anybody sniffed things to know for certain ?

Sure, the Tempest App on Android will use BLE if it can find the hub, and all sensor readings are sent over BLE as notifications. I have not looked at initial hub configuration (which is also done over BLE), the app works fine for that, no need to reinvent the wheel…