Project Tempest into Helium LoraWan Network just started

just got a hurricane victim tempest station .and a idea…i like real accurate windsport knots,lorawan.mqtt,node-RED,SDR.rtl_433…and be a maker…

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RAK Dev.Kit Helium Network, Lorawan, rtl_433,SDR,

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Lot of work…but i love it



RAK # Helium Developer Kit great for makers :slight_smile:

You’re going to have to provide more info than that teaser…

Did you just cram Helium Developer Kit | Support Helium Regions EU868, AU915, US915, AS9 – RAKwireless Store into a Tempest case ?

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I will …there are still some remote places with no wifi within 300 meters to the hub and 4g ,5g hotspots need to much power guess tempest will do a amazing job .on LoraWan…but not with 5 sec. interval my goal is like 1.5 min to 3 min interval and battery life of minimum 2 years.


Yes a additional LoraWan Board like Cubecell HTCC-AB01 or RAK into the Tempest case and send the Payload to the Helium Network first i’ll focus for the windspeed and wind direction maybe temp.
there is one company in Greece who sales already helium net weather stations (weatherXM) but i like the ultrasonic tempest devices.
Normal Anemometers for the Helium Net i build already a lot i need a new Challange.


First, WELCOME to the developer community!!

I love your idea and think you (we) should split the solution into 2 parts.

  1. The idea of LoraWAN on a Tempest unit is great. An interface could be developed on an Arduino, or something similar, not a huge lift. Probably set the weather station and base-unit locally and capture UDP which could be sent over LoRa.

  2. The part where you publish the station telemetry comes into play where you develop the gateway piece of the puzzle. You need a gateway to receive the LoRa connection and publish it to “something” (internet, helium, anything, etc.).

Great idea, and deserves further discussion!!


Hi cool i need some support… first we have to find out where we can grab the data from the tempest board …bus protocol or and analog values. some reverse engineering :wink:

LoraWan Board RAK developer Kit or cheap version HTCC-AB01 from Helltec (15 usd ) bouth boards can be easy programmed with Arduino IDE
and i can register them to the Helium network within 5 min.

Helium console account i can provide ( if you open a account you get free dc (data credits) and GUI (Interface) we can easy make with Datacake everything is for free and already intergrated in the Helium Console
Later on i can do also a APK for Android

I see this as only a “gateway” and “physical distance” solution.
It’s more a “networking” issue than a weather station issue.

The WeatherFlow data capture is already solved by UDP listening.
The telemetry can be captured locally and broadcast over LoRa.
The distance that it can be received will be determined by voltage and antenna.

You then need a gateway to receive LoRa, again restrained by voltage and antenna, to send it on the whatever network you want.

The picture below is a “proof-of-concept” including a LoRa radio and GPS plugged into an Arduino with an Arduio-based gateway . . . (details, details, etc).

I was able to get GPS and acceleromter readings over LoRa on a 9v battery for about 1 mile.

Are you saying you’re trying to do this ?

  • hard-wire an arduino to the Tempest board in the unit you acquired
  • grab the raw electical signals from the various sensors therein
  • reverse engineer how WF’s proprietary firmware converts them to weather readings
  • reverse engineer how WF’s proprietary firmware handles powering the battery
  • and broadcast the result over LoraWan ?

Best of luck there.

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yes exactly a little bit of challenge… i want to learn about ultrasonic doppler effect etc . i did already a lot of weather stations with anemometer reed and hall and contacts i grabed the data parallel from the original boards so it was easy to adjust the datas @ arduino ide . and i installed sdr reciever in old android tv boxes flashed with armbian for rtl_433 …also Camper Van IoT systems its just cool when you drive all around europe and you always have connection over the Helium Network i started with this LoraWan stuff 2 years ago and i’m just keep on going. and Helium is kind of “NAPSTER” :slight_smile: and blockchain and crypto like also

Hi @knotchaser ,

My guess to get that deep into the ultrasonic anemometer of the Tempest will be very difficult… unless perhaps you were an employee. I have no idea about your employment status or their requirements. Perhaps you could enquire. They do have a web page for employment positions.

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thank ill be in vacation the next 5 weeks so ill read and learn and then go back to the hardware.

I have thought if I was doing it that I would install the Tempest and a hub and a seperate processor picking up the data via radio (wifi hotspot) to process into packets to send via which ever medium I chose. The hub does not have to be connected to the internet. The hub processes the data and does clever stuff that us users do not have any information about. If it is connected to the internet then it can be updated and change how it thinks which can change how it manipulates the data. And we are not even told when it changes except if you are monitoring its version, but it may even then be difficult to find version history. And not everyones is updated at the same time.
So it is ok to never be connected to the internet after the initial setup, but it will be at some disadvantage.
An idea for a wifi hotspot is to use a dongle on a raspberry pi. And the pi could process the data for transmission. And developers on here have already created lots of code that does all that except for sending via the medium you are planning. I had considered similar project using the method I mentioned.
Of course your idea and challenge will require much less power which is a really nice goal.

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi my main idea with the Tempest and Lorawan Board is place the tempest on remote places with no wifi and and power connection within 8- 10 Km just a Helium Hotspot who covers the area
and as much power saving as possible.
Lora board deep sleep mode - wake up every 1.5 min get data send payload to the Helium net and deep sleep again.
is there any way to get the firmware of the tempest?
there is a smart youtuber who did LoaWan range tests and builds cool stuff (Andreas Spiess) i learend a lot from him.:grinning:

Just build your own solar-powered or arduino with deep sleep variant in a case of your choosing or 3D printing. It’s going to be a far easier thing to do successfully…

How is this going ? I would love to be able to convert my old tempest into a Meshstastic/LoRa enabled weather station.