Sky transmitting directly to LoRaWAN 'The Things Network' bypassing the hub?

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I wondered if the Sky might be able to be set up to send its data via the LoRaWAN without using the hub. The advantage is that we would be able to position them in remote locations without normal wifi access. This is a map of areas covered.

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Hi @iladyman . We are well aware of LoRaWAN and are keen to support the technology in the future. Our system was designed with “future proofing” in mind – to support a variety of new network technologies available now, or not yet invented. The design concept is to produce various HUBs to support to various broadcast technologies . – WiFi, Thread, Zigbee, LoRaWAN, HomeKit, ZWave, etc, etc. etc. We designed and spec’d the HUB as simple as possible so that swapping a HUB is both easy and inexpensive, while keeping the same sensor devices (AIR, SKY, ++). You can think of your current HUB as a “WiFi HUB”…and at some point we’ll make a “LoRaWAN HUB”.

Note: A direct connection from SKY to a LoRaWAN network will not work. The raw data transmitted from SKY would just be gibberish. The HUB collects, interprets, and filters the data using a library of proprietary code and algorithms before publishing. When changes and improvements are required, the firmware on the HUB receives and runs the new software that governs the raw data from the devices. Additionally, the data from the sensor devices is transmitted via long range 868/915mHz radio signal. The LoRaWAN network would need a 868/915mHz receiver … which is another key function that the HUB performs.


This is a perfect example of information that should be place in a "wiki’ on


Has anyone done any work on using the tempest as a remote weather station ? My idea is that if I can sniff the bluetooth packets from the sky sensor then I can install it remotely and send the data from a remote connection via LoRa radio connection. Even better would be to tap into a serial connnection before the data even gets to the bluetooth radio and send that data via LoRa

Also see this discussion because the Sky is already able to transmit similarly to the LoRa to its own hub. BUT the antenna in the Tempest is surrounded by solar panels and will be limited to around 500m.

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