Question on using raincheck?

Hello, is there any way I can find out where raincheck is coming from in my area? It’s usually off one way or the other, so I’m not having any luck, weather I use it or not, but would like to know where it is reporting from. Thanks,

It comes from multiple sources. Did you read this post?


Thanks I just read all of that but im a bit confused, I have the tempest not sky and it sounds like they are talking about the rain check that’s been available since the beginning of the tempest launch? Plus they keep saying the sky one so is this for tempest and is it something new or different for tempest then the standard rain check? Also I cured all false readings but tempest still mostly under reports, and rain check isn’t doing much better. My accurite and Davis are pretty much in sinc with each other so I do my comparing that way.

For most situations SKY+AIR = Tempest.

Can you tell me if I can expect anything different with my tempest rain totals for the future ’ readings based on all of that. Thanks

I have a CoCoRaHS gauge and I report the values to WF to use as calibration information so I don’t have enough time with a Tempest I don’t report for to know from experience. If you trust your other gauge you could report your rain totals and ask WF to use it for calibration. Calibration may happen faster, but I’m not certain.