Questions concerning API Rate Limit


I am developing a mobile app for the Tempest users and I want to offer them the best user experience. Therefore I don’t want to accidentally hit the max rate limit. I’ve read from the API guide:

generous rate/volume limits (enough for personal use and small-scale apps)

Could it be a bit more specific on how much that actually means (generousity is a very subjective notion :wink:)?

In similar applications, there are usually different kind of rate limits:

  • sustained account API rate (for a given access token, user generated or generated by a third-party application) → xx requests/hour
  • peak account API rate → xx requests/sec
  • sustained application API rate (in case we use an third-party application to create tokens) → xx requests/hour
  • peak application API rate → xx requests/sec

Does anyone know how this actually work in the case of the tempest API?


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I think this is a question for @jforare_324

I would like to know the same thing… however from what I gathered during conversations with WF, there is a hard limit, but it can be flexible.
I hit this limit off and on. My app is being used by a wide variety of WF customers, but is currently using my API key. The official workaround is to use OAuth or PAT, per user.

Hi folks, new owner here (station 80467) and came here wondering the same thing. While I do look forward to the excellent looking native UIs I am replacing an old Fine Offset unit that I feed into a local DB for Grafana in-home dashboarding. I don’t want to exceed limits, but without knowing what they are it’s not easy.

For now I am requesting observations once a minute.

Has anyone got more concrete info please?

I can’t be entirely concrete as I don’t speak for WF, but based on my own experience I don’t think requesting observations once a minute is going to break the usage limits

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As requested over a year ago… would be nice for @dsj or @WFsupport to weigh in and provide the hard limits…

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Anybody ever find a rate limit?