Rain Sensor Glitch?

To me there seems to be a glitch in the rain sensor. And no it’s not because of any movement in the pole. As seen below, little to no wind and it say heavy rain. It has done this a few to several time since I’ve had it up about a month now. I would also mention that on very windy days there is never been a false rain reading. So again, not because of movement or vibration of the pole. Very odd!

Have you verified that there wasn’t a bird perched on it during those times?

No bird as I was standing outside when I got the alerts on my phone for Rain.

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I may have a similar issue. I’ve already caught a perched bird on a couple “It’s raining at home” occasions; not sure the cause of other rain anomalies. Tempest is mounted on a 5-ft aluminum tube (typically used for chain-link fencing) that’s bolted to the highest peak of my roof. I’m thinking strong wind is a culprit, or birds when there is no wind to blame. I may have to fill the tube or replace it with some other mast.

I’ve also ordered a Wyze Cam Outdoor camera (https://wyze.com/wyze-cam-outdoor.html) that I’ll position near the Tempest.