Rain Sensor Reporting Rain on Clear, Windy Day

I just received and installed my Tempest Weather Station yesterday. I mounted it (along with the bird deterrent accessory) using a 1” steel pipe mounted to the side of my chimney. About 2 ½’ of the pipe is mounted to the chimney using 2 straps and the other 2 ½’ of the pipe is sticking above the top of the chimney.

Today has been a windier day (~30 mph gusts all day). The station has been reporting light to heavy rain all day. The pipe is mounted solid to the chimney (I put additional framing behind the siding so that the pipe could be screwed tightly to the house). It has not rained at all today, so I’m assuming that the rain sensor is reporting rain due to the wind either vibrating the pipe or the rain sensor.

I am hoping that Rain Check will help straighten out the false readings, but is there anything else that anyone has tried to dampen any vibrations or get the rain readings more accurate? I don’t see how anything on this mount could be moving, so I find it hard to believe that that is where the readings are coming from, but I also have no idea how else to make the mount more sturdy.

Is there a calibration period that takes time for the sensor to become more accurate, or are there some problems with higher winds?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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