Raincheck Not Updating?

We had a large amount of rain yesterday and overnight. It’s almost noon and raincheck hasn’t updated the amounts yet. I checked in the app to ensure raincheck was on and it was. Am I missing something? I thought it was supposed to update around 8am EST each day. It used to but this is the first time I’ve noticed it not updating.

It seems like the more rain I have throughout the day or more varied it is, the longer it takes for RainCheck to show up. Yesterday we had what I call a soaker rain most of the day and my CoCoRaHS collected 1.55" of rain. RainCheck is still not available and it is nearly 0900. Maybe this is a significant amount of rain time to calculate and cross check with all the sources involved.

vtyler98 : raincheck ran on your data (late, way to late and no I have no clue why but it did) It was around 17:15 UTC

Gizmoev : for you unsure what happened but it didn’t apply anything seems. I’ll try to get more details if possible.

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Since I turned raincheck back on two days ago it will not show in the app. Why has raincheck stopped coming on?

Has it been raining everyday?

No but it’s supposed to show up and do the check mark each morning every day regardless, it used to work that way until recently.

already do something about your setup. Your radio link shows near -100db, and your data large data gaps. Try to have a better radio link (better then -90db).

To rephrase your question sorry yes it has rained the last three days.

and also this might explain some

You know I’m puzzled there were no problems before and now I’m getting this issue? Why is that? My internet is fine and strong with everything else and nothing has changed. The hub is close to my modem and router so you see why I’m confused.???

I said radio link, not wifi link. It’s the link between Tempest and the hub, not between hub and internet.

So how in the world do I improve on that considering the fact I didn’t have these concerns the last two months? I just recently brought the tempest down two feet lower on my tripod off the deck box to secure it to a much stronger steel pole but my hub is where it’s always been close to a window and not all that far away from tempest. So if you have any other suggestions what could be better I’m all ears.

I put the hub near the WiFi setup because I thought that would be important to get that good signal between them. If you suggest moving the hub closer to tempest I can get it very close by changing rooms of course, just so I’m not messing something else up by doing so.

Essentially, if you have an ok Wi-Fi signal on something like a phone wherever you decide to put the hub it will be just fine. You also want a good enough signal between the Tempest sensor and hub. These are the two RSSI values to watch. The one under Hub with the HB- serial number is the Wi-Fi RSSI and the one under Tempest with the ST- serial number is the Tempest sensor to hub signal that @eric is referring to.

Yeah I’m showing-39 hub. And -78 tempest most of the day are they good enough numbers?

-78dB is at the very edge. -70dB would be better. I know one of the stations I manage didn’t get the Tempest sensor firmware update until very recently. I speculate it may have had to do with a signal in the -84dB range. I rotated the hub a little and it now is sitting at -73dB. After that the update got applied. It may have been pure coincidence, however.

My Tempest station (Station ID:15419) and another Tempest station near my location did not apply Raincheck yesterday even though we had rain yesterday. Was there a server problem on your end?

It shows now.

I have noticed that sometimes it is really delayed in running.

Sounds like they need to fix that. Its supposed to run just after midnight.

who’s midnight ??? If I read well you have 6 timezones in the US only