Rainfall Data under reporting

My WF Station “Oak View Bluff” is still reporting less rainfall than my other rain guages. I have a Honeywell tip guage that reports in 0.03" increments, and a good old fashioned open ended rain guage. During the last series of storms the WF station reported a total of 0.86", the Honeywell reported 1.61" and the open ended guage had 1.74".
The WF station is definetly sensitive enough to detect the slight rain when it starts, but seems to no be able to handle the .75"/hr and greater rates we get here in Oak View, CA. The storm today, 1/31/19 has been very intense at times with WF total at 0.92", the Honetwell at 1.81", and 1.78 in the open ended guage. Rainfall rates have exceeded 0.75"/hr several times today, but the WF max rate is 0.65"/hr?
I have been patiently waitng for the CL process to correct the readings based on surrounding data, but still no change in the totall rainfall and rainfall rate.
Any suggestions are appreciatted.
Jeff Hall
Oak View Bluff

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