Remote Reboot of Hub and Devices

OK, I’ve got my Air and Sky up and running, but I’d like to know how to remote reboot the hub?

I’m not currently on-site and I have had to move my hub to a different fixed IP address and I’d like to be able to reboot it so it picks up the new IP.

I can’t find anyway to reboot the hub? Is there a way to do this? And can you send a reboot signal to the devices if they start behaving strangely and need a reboot?

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There is no current method. This has been requested.


Hi @dividedsky WF Support has the capability to remotely reboot your HUB (was built as an admin feature for us to help customers resolve network issues). We have not added that capability into the app yet…as there are some conditions where this could inadvertently screw things up.

Will take the feature request into consideration. Until then, you have two options: 1) unplug the HUB, wait 10sec, plug it back in, or 2) send us a note at along with your station ID and we can reboot remotely.

PS - put better batteries (ie. Energizer Ultimate Lithium) in the SKY on your station named “Possum” .


I power mine with a PoE switch and splitter, so I can power-cycle it remotely, but you could also use a remotely controlled power switch. The Monoprice STITCH isn’t awful for $20.

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I use a Belkin Wemo Insight Switch ( It has been programmed to reset at midnight, daily.

We really need the ability to remotely reboot the Tempest sensor. My sensor has been throwing temp. and RH sensor failures since around 8AM today, and I don’t want to drag a ladder out in the rain in the pitch black darkness to power cycle, nor do I want to wait for a support ticket to go through the process and have someone at Weatherflow reboot it. All the while, I’m recording nothing for temperature and humidity, leaving gaps in my data.

Please give us this capability NOW.


Be sure to vote for this feature request then.

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I thought I’d previously voted for this feature request elsewhere, but I’ll go see if I can find it and make sure, and upvote this one.

Where do you vote. Ive had mine up for a week. Totally installed unabated to any obstackles yet wind is blowing like crazy out and im getting 2mph readings. Wind is why i bought this unit

At the top of this thread. Tap the vote button.

Yeah, I voted for it here. But I thought I’d also voted for it on another thread I can’t seem to find now.

You created a new thread with the same request but it didn’t have any votes at the time I merged it with this one. Is that what you are looking for?

I actually thought I’d voted for this feature on a different thread, but I’m probably misremembering.

I would love to be able to remotely reboot my Tempest. This morning I found that my RH and temp sensors are inop (code 48s being reported in sensor_status every minute and temp and sensors display showing null values). As it is now, I’ve got to drag a ladder out to the backyard, trigger a bunch of false precip readings, and turn it off and back on.

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This would be a great addition. The lack of a remote sensor reboot is the main reason why I won’t mount my Tempest sensor higher than 8 feet. Just yesterday I had to reboot mine due to issues with v134 causing random reboots on the sensor.


My sensor is 8ft above my roof on a gable mount, 14 feet above my deck, which is 14 ft above the ground. To put it simply, getting to the device to do a reboot is an ordeal that includes me realigning it. A remote reboot in the system menu would be great.


Since some of these are mounted at hard to get at spots, is it possible to reset the tempest unit via app/bluetooth rather than have to push the reset button? In this case, the hub has gone bad.

Remote reboots can only be done by support for now byn a simple request via a ticket. But this will only work if the unit is online. Once it is offline none of the commands send will arrive nor be executed. In your case the hub is offline and nothing will work remotely. You have to go see what is happening (power cut, power plug dead, cord damaged …hub fried or maybe an wifi/internet problem).


I have a smart home system and have used a plug switch to reboot from remote location. Smart Home plug does the trick.

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This $10 Wi-Fi switch from Amazon can be controlled from your phone, and I think addresses your use-case. Just remotely turn it off-and-on.

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