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Would the team please configure the opening of a new browser tab when a resource link is selected from within the forum. At the moment there are several resource links for FAQ, Developers, etc. Selecting those links directs the user to that new page and interrupts viewing the previous forum page.

Thank You!

Hi Patrick. Only external links (like this one) will open in a new tab by default. Links to other pages within the forum will open in the same tab, by default. You can always right-click (or scroll-wheel-click) and open any link in a new tab though.

Hello David,

Clicking on the link you provided brought me directly to a weather station it did not open in a new window though.

Interesting… the same happens for me. Well, I’m still learning this system too. Maybe the domain is considered “internal”… Let’s try this one.

Hmm, same thing. And we have the “open external links in a new tab by default” option checked. Maybe I don’t understand what that means. Can you help, @zogstrip ?

I get both links opening in a new tab, and to the correct sites (weatherflow and sesamestreet).

The first link you posted to opens to my weatherstation, and it did open in a new tab.


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Solution Found: External links needs to be enabled for each user profile. I’ve appended the location of this user selection here.

New Tab


That setting is not retro-active and is thus only applied to users created after it was changed :wink:

Existing users have to change it in their preferences like @Phoenix suggested.

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Thanks @zogstrip. We must have changed the default setting after @Phoenix created his account.

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