Severe weather notifications

I have seen discussion on here about severe weather alert notifications. I’m all in favor of such but these warnings are generally 75% inaccurate, covering a wide area and often are received (where I live) after the event has already happened. If the electrical grid is damaged, I may not receive any alert because the cell phone towers sometimes go down, too. Plus, the electrical activity within a severe storm or tornado can block NOAA weather radio and Cell phone reception. Where I live, the NOAA station is further away from me than another NOAA site. This makes the weather radio signal weak from the git-go. The closer station doesn’t report activity in my county nor does the local TV stations, for the most part. And, due to the curvature of the earth, I live 850 feet below the radar beam. My suggestion is to take a look at what the people at a company called Tornado Alert has been doing and seek a partnership with them to integrate their product into Weatherflow’s network.

Would be exciting to see this evolve into reality.

Great Suggestion,