Show station's local time when viewing someone's grid instead viewers time

just looking at station 1531 and was looking at temp … and then a little bulb went on


it is according me, at te moment I write, 12:50 pm over there but the graph I look at shows ‘my time’ (France)

Is it a good idea to use (I guess computer or time zone from reader) when showing the graph from another person ? This might give some false ideas as it is 25°C at 09pm when it is actually 12pm where the station is …

I’d go for the public graphs with local time from station to better reflect the situation.
How about the others? What are your opinions ???

And as an extra a toggle to switch between imperial and metric would be nice. I look at a station in the US but we use metric here and the imperial numbers don’t talk to me, to avoid go convert … a little toggle ?


Agree with @eric that data should always be tied to the timestamp indicating when the data was acquired so should be shown with local time from the station being displayed.

Also agree that the toggle woud be great and would add to that a control on the station pressure graph for switching between in/Hg and millibars and mm/Hg.


I like the idea about the local time and it will be better if they make it as an option to select local time or personal time.

but about the temp I’d better to understand both units to be more knowledge on the climate,
especially when you read news weather from different sites .

Can I please resurrect this request. I have two stations, one in the UK and one in Turkey. It is so confusing to view data with the wrong time shown! It would also be great to have ‘show station local time’ as an option on the main screen.

Is this being considered @dsj @WFmarketing ?

Yes, this is on our backlog to review soon. We agree that it probably makes more sense to show the station’s local time by default.

  • 1 to showing stations in local time. I don’t understand why you would do it any other way.
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Because it is easier to subtract time based on one’s own time AND you may not know how many hours difference the two time zones are.

And frankly, most consumers are not going to be looking at other stations.

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This is actually very easy to do and hopefully WeatherFlow can add this soon.

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Is this still in the backlog or has it been discounted?

Still on the backlog!

As a person who travels a fair bit for work, moving through various time zones around the planet, is rather irritating to have to constantly re-interpret the graphs to the location of my weather station.

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Easy solution: stop traveling so much! (or at least limit travels to the same timezone) :joy:


In a kind of reverse request, I don’t want to see windspeed/temperature etc in the units the local station owner prefers, but in the unit I prefer (which happens to be metric)


If you bypass the station owner’s units preference, it will make it harder to find the true professional meteorologists on the WF station map. Hint, they all set their pressures to millibars … :rofl:


Yours is set to inHg, mine is set to hPa. I guess we are both not very professional :slight_smile:


Good idea. I’ll give that a whirl.