Access Other Weather Stations in Tempest App

I’m traveling to Israel next year. I have an Israel Tempest station bookmarked on my phone, but the units are in Metric, and it’d be easier for me to follow them in US.

First of all, I’d like to see a US/Metric toggle on Tempest weather station pages where viewers can view the data either way.

Second, I’d like to be able to view other Tempest weather stations and the Tempest map inside the Tempest app (and save certain stations as favorites), similar to how we can do it with the Davis WeatherLink app. While I’m taking advantage of our free access to WindAlert as a Tempest owner, the data is overkill for most of what I need to do.

Being able to view other Tempest stations in the Tempest app would not only be super fun for Tempest owners, but it would give non-Tempest owners a way to sample the app and see what nearby Tempest stations look like and encourage them to buy one.

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create some bookmarks on your phone to the other station’s web interface.

I’m doing that now, but problem is some of the stations are in Metric. I need at least a US/Metric toggle that the user viewing the data could switch since I have some people viewing the data that aren’t too well versed in Metric (and asking Siri for conversions doesn’t always work well). :slight_smile:

well yeah, that one still amazes me, why would a map show mixed units (the units set by the station owner) instead of the preferred (hopefully metric) units by the viewer.


I’d like to see something like this. Here’s my Davis station (it’s connected to an EN Hub):

Notice there’s a “Switch to Metric” toggle on there, so the user can choose to look at my station in Metric. On International Stations, there’s a “Switch to US” toggle on there in case a US user needs US measurements instead.

That alone would make bookmarking other weather station web pages super-useful.

Long-term, being able to see/favorite those stations in the Tempest app would be great as well (and a way to get people “trying” the Tempest app before buying a station in hopes they’ll buy one). WindAlert is useful but overkill when I just need to grab a quick forecast or conditions of other Tempest stations. With the Davis WeatherLink app, I tend to favorite stations in areas I know I’ll be traveling to so I can compare its weather forecast with home.