Siting advice for Tempest

Hi, thanks for reading this. Could you weigh in what you think is the best location for my newly arrived Tempest? I’m an absolute noob when it comes to weather measurements, so bear with me.

It concerns station 32633 at my backyard, and I’ve read the Tempest Siting and Installation guide.

There are basically two places in my backyard that I consider, both on a pole: (option 1) higher but near the house (4.5m high, 3m from the house), or (option 2) further from the house but lower (2m high, 10m high).
The attached map schematic and picture may help.

I am aware that I won’t get very accurate wind readings in either location, and am fine with that. What I am mostly concerned with is somewhat accurate measure rainfall. (I plan to add some logic to my home automation to retract the sunshade in case of rainfall or high wind).

Let me know what position you would pick: 1 or 2
(and if you feel bored, you can also find the tempest in the picture).

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