[Skill] Alexa skill to include pressure rising/falling, forecast & Flash Briefing

The Alexa skill is great but there are some things I’d love to see added.

Have the skill report if the barometric pressure is rising or falling. Currently, it just gives you a number.

Stop the skill from reporting last lightning strikes once the last one is 2 days ago. Right now it continues to report them seemingly without end.

Add the area forecast to the skill so I don’t have to call on two different skills to get the full picture.

Setup the skill so I can add it to my Flash Briefing. That way I can get a full update.

You can create custom Alexia Blueprints for your needs. If I tell Alexa Good Morning it shuts off the Alarm, turns on the living room light, tells me the current weather, forcast, traffic and starts the news flash.