[INT] Display weather data from Tempest on Echo Show

I have my Tempest connected to my Amazon Alexa Echo Show but is there a way to have it display information on the Echo Show rather than just get spoken weather information?

not really familiar with echo show but is there a way to bookmark a web page and the ask show to visit it , you would then bookmark you weather web page interface ?

Not sure it works that way but what the heck I can give it a try. lol

Ya no, you can get either silk or firefox to run but you can for example just ask Alexa to open the tempest web page. :frowning:

I have my Tempest page bookmarked in the Firefox browser on my Echo Show. I just say “Alexa, show Firefox” to display it. The page layout doesn’t quite fit, but you can scroll it to see what’s below the screen.

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I think they need to add to the Alexa skill to do this. I have a FireTV and when I ask for weather on BigSky on a voice only device then only get the audio but if I ask for weather on the FireTV then get a nice visual too.

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It would be very nice to be able to link the Tempest data to Alexa – and even more importantly (but essentially the same) – to Echo; the latter would have visuals of the conditions besides using the app and our phones. My boys (13 + 12) would love it!

I downloaded the Weatherflow skill and now when I say “Alexa, ask Weatherflow for a weather report” I get instant real-time information on my Echo dot. Having said that, this isn’t that helpful if you are referring to the Echo Show.