Alexa commands for Weatherflow

Is there documentation on the utterances to the results you can get from the Tempest skill on Alexa? Every command I send seems to just give current conditions, temp, pressure, wind, and last lightening strike. I am looking for just getting the Temperature and Humidity and the daily forecast. I am trying to do some additional integration with my Hubitat and Alexa for voice commands.


I just noticed today that the Alexa skill now gives me the daily forecast with the expected high and low.

Yeah, I used to get just the temperature when I asked for the temperature, now I get a forecast. Seems like there was an update…If I ask for temperature I do not want a forecast…Would be nice to get windchill if I ask for windchill.

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And now no longer giving forecast info?
Edit: Seems back now and with info is displayed on my echo show. Only thing I did was “launch” from the alexa app. Odd.

Interesting, I stopped using the direct integration with Alexa and now use my Hubitat integration to Alexa to speak out the Tempest values I want. I integrated the Tempest with Hubitat and then send the “Speak” command on the Hubitat to say the Temperature and Humidity.