SKY Battery voltage card not displayed

My wife got me a WeatherFlow for my birthday. I got it setup over the weekend and I am shocked that the readings between it and the Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus sitting right next to it are providing almost the exact reading including rain! (I was nervous about the rain on the WeatherFlow.)

Anyways looking at things I seem to be missing one reading from my app and online… and that is the battery level of the Sky device (which is using the Solar Panel Plugin.

While not a big concern, shouldn’t I be able to see the batter level like I can with the Air?

I now have my weather website set pulling the weather from both the Davis Unit and the UV and Lightning from the WeatherFlow. I am VERY happy so far!


You should but maybe the card is not activated

Use the app on the phone, go in settings -> stations -> sky -> advanced, is it active there ???

Hey Scott go on your side yard on the weatherflow app click on the advanced tab and turn on the battery card and then you should be able to see it. Good luck Ray


In the advanced tab for Side Yard (SKY) is show Power Save Mode and Wind Direction Offset.

If I got to Settings, Station Advanced There is hide battery card and hide forecast card. If I click it the air battery card goes away, and reclick it and it shows up again, but the Sky don’t show.

you should have the same section but for your sky, just like you have for the air

Does the latest release of the app still have the “feature” where you need to turn the battery card off, press save, back out to the main screen, go back into settings and re-enable the battery card, and finally save again???

Hi @scott . Glad you are loving your new weather station. To display the battery voltage card for SKY, just toggle on in settings:

App > Settings > Stations > [select station] > Advanced > Hide/show Battery Card > [Save button]

Cheers. - the WF team

The issue is when I go to App > Settings > Stations > [select station] there are no stations to select. If I click Advanced there it gives me Hide Battery Card and Hide Forecast Card. If I click on hide Batter card it hides just the Air Battery Card and if I click Show Battery Card it just shows the Air battery level.

There are no stations to select if I go to App . Settings > Manage Devices . Side Yard > Advanced

However advanced only has Power Save Mode, Wind Direction Offset, Replace Device and Delete All Data.

are you on the website or the app on your phone ?

I saw that indeed the website isn’t showing the battery card option for sky (for me in any case) when I have the option in the app

Doing it on my iPhone v3.02 (319)


let’s cry for HHHEEELPPPPP @anon84912554

Is this the old bug we had again or something else like some server side caching ???
Can you please help Scott as I have no other clue except ask to delete sky and re add it … but not to sure that will really solve it


Its not the end of the world, and since we are just going into summer here I am sure we will get enough light to power it without issue.

But figured I would report it, as it does appear to be a bug.

Hi @scott . The good news is that your battery card for SKY seems to be displayed now: Tempest

Now that’s totally bizarre. :thinking: Send us note to or submit a help ticket. if you want personal assistance.

Yeah I don’t know what magic you guys did, but it is displaying now without me doing anything. :slight_smile: