SKY Installation (Confused)

Woohoo, got my SKY yesterday and truly you can not justify the pictures. In person this unit look incredible awesome, very modern and very well built. Congratulations to the team.

A little confused on the installation as I will be installing my unit at the top of my house where my old weather unit used to sit, however, on my last unit I had it installed on PVC which was very sturdy. However, after reading the posts I see some people don’t recommend it as if you get high wind you will get false rain readings. I can go as high as 10’ or 5’ which will be higher than any obstacle visible within 1 mile. Will not like to use galvanized as we get thousands of lightning in the area. I can fill the PVC with sand to make it sturdier? Any suggestions will be appreciated as to how to install the SKY.


Jay :slight_smile:

hello fill it with sand i do and it also greatly reduces the vibration in fact i dont get any false rain from high winds or vibrations from building , i also,use 1.5 metre length of thick pvc tubing i cant remember the guage thickness but its not bendable at that length avoid any metal mast where possible due to tinging vibrations do a test metal will ring loudly and pvc,plastic will just thud . its an old hifi music enthusiast trusted solution using sand to reduce acoustic,ring,floor vibrations when using metal stands , think like this the wf sensors are speakers,microphones… if you go too long in the length of the mast it will introduce swaying and then it becomes necessary to implement a guy wire system or even a. more solid mast structure fixing… have fun…brian


Hi Jay. Glad to hear your SKY is finally in your hands! Thanks for your support through our development!

Regarding potential false rain reports due to vibrations, this can happen but seems to be very dependent on the specific installation. Since you already have a PVC post ready to go, I recommend that you go ahead and install your SKY there, then wait and see if vibrations (from high winds or any other source) are an issue. If there are any simple things you can do to secure the mount at the same time you install the SKY, it certainly won’t hurt. But there should be no need to do anything special until and unless you have an issue.

Keep us posted!


Thank you Brian and dsj for the quick reply. As soon as the rain stops I will do the installation and will keep you post it.

Jay :wink:

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filling the pvc mast with sand is a good idea weather34 :slight_smile:

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I think so too, but will let you know once it is done.

I might try that trick myself

Hello, after more than a week, finally the rain moved away. Was able to play around with the installation, I still need to play with it as it is swinging from side to side (not much), however, it is not triggering the rain sensor, it did while I was installing it, but once installed no rain detected. Everything else is working as it should.

I started by putting a piece of foam at the end, then filled with epoxy made for pvc and water proof. After it dried I filled it up with sand and did the same thing at the other end. Then installed. Will keep an eye on it to see how it react to rain.

Will post results as time goes by.

Here are some pictures. :slight_smile:


looks good not much different from what im doing apart from your using some water weld compound . hope it all works well for,you…

Nice install.

I’m thinking of using PVC cement to glue PVC caps on the ends of the pipe, though it looks like that sand ain’t goin’ anywhere in your install. :+1: