SKY vs $1200 RM Young

For the WeatherFlow professional grade weather network, we typically spec the RM Young wind monitors, which are excellent equipment albeit US$1200+ each. Here’s wind data from a side-by-side comparison: SKY vs RM Young wind monitor from a testing location in Massachusetts on 11 April, 2018.



Ovearll, KUDOS!

Second set of graphs shows SWS Wind Speed and RM Wind Direction & Temp…


I stand corrected… my Homer came out… DOH!


Second set of graphs is meant to compare wind direction. See direction for the SKY plotted with arrows at top of graph, while the RMY is plotted as line graph on 360deg vertical scale. (Different systems, different graphs – sorry). Ignore temp. It’s a neat data sample as early in the day you can see the chaotic wind shifts, whereas late in the day the direction settles into a dominant southerly flow. :arrow_up: :wind_face:


I don’t have overlaying graphs, but visual comparisons between my Young 05103 and the Sky have been very good, particularly with a wind fetch thru the valley from the south, which I get here on a fair, calm day and will usually switch over like clockwork from a N.W. flow at night to a S.E. flow during the day. I at one time used a Young Ultrasonic (until a fateful nearby lightning strike…). Thats why I’m so impressed with what you guys and gals have developed with the Air and Sky particularly at that price point !


Picture of test SKY & RM Young wind monitor : source of wind data above. Can anyone tell which one requires wires (not to mention a slew of other equipment to operate) ? So old school.



Truly awesome comparisons . . . :+1:

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Sorry go throw my supportive comments in so late but this is so reassuring and so well done.

Gary L

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