Smart Weather Android App - Not working without Google

I use a secure variant of Android called GrapheneOS
It does not contain components that communicate back to Google.

When sideloading Smart Weather onto my phone,
I am getting the following error when trying to log in to the WeatherFlow servers:
“FIREBASE_AUTH_API is not available on this device”

Must the developers have to send my login through Google
so that I can see the data from my weather station?
This seems quite absurd…

Hi Lenny,
Our apps rely on Firebase and other Google services for things like authentication, data synchronization, maps and some messaging. Using Firebase is actually more secure than if our small team were to develop and maintain our own versions of their services. Be super careful side-loading our app as we don’t publish an APK nor do we support side-loaded apps.

Note that you can see your weather data anonymously by visiting your station page here: