Google Home integration : shut down by Google!

I can’t get my Google Home to connect w/WF. I ask Google to “Talk to WeatherFlow” and it tells me to “turn on personal results in the Google Home app”. What the heck is that and where do I find it? That doesn’t even make sense.

SOLVED: OK, should have done an internet search first. Here’s the answer in case anyone else has this problem.


I can’t figure out how to connect my Nest mini to Tempest so I can ask it for the weather!

If I try to ask Weatherflow for the weather, it says: “It looks like your weatherflow account is not linked yet, you can link it from the google home app” … but I cant see how to link it from the app, its not in the searchable list of services.

Even more strangely, the assistant on my phone does work and allows me to get the weather from the tempest, and they are both the same google account.

Any help appreciated!

Hello and welcome user300

could it be that the above link has the solution to your problem ??

Hi @eric … I checked and I have personal results turned on for the nest mini speaker, so it’s not that

I don’t use any home assistant so I can’t be more helpful.
Maybe some other user ??

Else we’ll have to call @corrineb once more for help :innocent:

Did you ever figure this out?

Nope, I returned the tempest for this and a few other reasons.

Just curious, what your other reasons were and what did you get to replace it? My rachio is why I decided to go with the tempest.

Thank you!

It looks like someone has been successful in linking Tempest to Nest mini.

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I linked mine more than a year ago and it has worked (most of the time) since then.

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Tried to set up google integration it says “weather flow integration is no longer available”
Works just fine with Alexa.

However, just in the last day, I am now getting the response from Google Home “Weatherflow is no longer available” and the weather station and the apps are all working fine. What is going on here?

I was just trying to communicate to Weatherflow via Google Assistant and it’s saying “Sorry, Weatherflow is no longer available”. Does anyone know what happened?

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To all Google lovers. Once more Google decided to send to the graveyard one of their functionalities

On June 13th Google shut down “conversational actions” which disabled our current integration with them. Our IT team was aware of this ahead of time and are working on integrating Tempest with Google App Actions. While we don’t have a firm eta for this release it should be implemented into the next app update.

Thanks for your understanding!

And for those using their domain services, know that is also going in the trash bin somehow since they push it to Squarespace


Thanks for letting me know. It’s good that they’re creating a solution for this in the app though I’m guessing this wont work on Andriod Auto anymore.

Here is the kink to Google regarding their shut-down of their Conversational Actions:

(Choose “English” to read the following in English if necessary)

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Just wondering if there’s any update here on when the Google integration will be back? Just bought and installed my Tempest and would like to integrate it with my home devices.

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Google is good at one thing. Abandoning products. Never again, lesson learned.

Check out tidbyt, it’s a great display

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Google didn’t abandon it, they changed the architecture of it and WeatherFlow hasn’t adjusted their software to accommodate it.

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