Solar charging icon

Would love to see a solar charging indicator.

Sure you can see your voltage go up when its charging, but a charging icon would be better showing charging level I percentage? Or colour, etc

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That’s not possible because the Solar Panel does not communicate with any device.


Well if it indicates higher voltage when charging the surely this could be used to show a charging icon

Batteries can also show that when the temperature changes.


you have already a sensor for that! :slight_smile: it’s called solar radiation
The only thing you have to figure out is the value at which the solar panel actually starts charging. No icon needed.

@GaryFunk tested it in the past and I can confirm the charging starts (if needed) around 2000 Lux. But again, the solution used is multiple and it isn’t as simple as on/off thing. It can power the sky, use the excess to charge the battery, just power the sky (battery is full).