Some of the data missing after internet reconnects

My PCB location had some internet issues today and the station was offline for several hours. After the internet reconnected, some of the missing data was filled in but not all of it. Anyone here have a clue to the reason why? Tempest


the hub can store a lot of data, so unless you also lost power to the hub, it should restore all the data. At least that is what I would expect.

An ancient post from @dsj in the earliest days of the Air+Sky said that the sensors had very limited storage (just 1-3 hours) for when they can’t reach the Hub, and the Hub had about 8 ‘days’ of storage for dealing with an Internet dropout.

Remember - if when you lost power the Hub wasn’t powered up, it doesn’t matter how much storage the Hub has. It matters how ‘little’ the sensor has to hold the actual readings until the sensor can reconnect to a Hub when power returns.

From your screen grab it looks like you lost maybe 4-5 hours of data. That’s far in excess to what the old Air+Sky could store if they couldn’t connect to the (unpowered) Hub.

Sorry - I can’t find the numbers for the current Tempest systems. The forums are rather unsearchable.

The old thread is Offline data storage during internet outages - #6 by dsj

What was strange to me is that the hub wasn’t disconnected to the sensor, but just to the internet. I know the Tempest sensor itself can only hold about 1hr worth of data. That’s why I found it odd that not all of the data was filled in after the internet was fixed.

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My sister’s internet is off from about 10:30 PM until 6:00-6:30 AM and her station has a gap of about 2 hours every night. Some think she ended up with a field test hub or otherwise one with a smaller buffer. I’m not sure that is it, but whatever it is, it is definitely not able to hold a full 8 hours of data from one Tempest.

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Probably a stupid question here…Could it be a firmware issue?

That is a great question.

@eric, could you find out anything on this issue? Why do some hubs not store even a whole night of data? One example is my sister’s station, 45970. The hub remains powered, only the Wi-Fi is off at night.

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