Something changed in battery safe mode

In the past when the battery voltage of my tempest got to 2.40V or lower my tempest only collected it’s wind-speed and direction every one minute.
Now my tempest battery voltage is 2.36V and it’s still collecting wind-speed direction data every 3 seconds.
Is something changed in the battery safe mode?
If the voltage of the battery drops lower, would’t that shorten the lifetime of the battery?

This page explains the voltage levels.

Or a summary here:

Then it seems my battery dropped to low without the battery safe mode is kicking in. I will contact support before it destroys my battery, because of the low battery voltage.

Battery safe mode is not to protect the battery from damage, it allows Tempest to operate longer because it draws less power while taking less readings. Battery protection is provided by an auto shutoff level around 2.32vdc.

@SLOman. Thank you. Good to hear that the battery is always safe and won’t die. If there will not be a bright sun in the coming days my tempest will shut down in 3 or 4 days. I hope when the powerbooster is coming out it will also be delivered to the Netherlands. Because the tempest is not sold to Europe.