Spare Parts and how do we get them

How do we get spare parts as the mount for the Sky Mount has broken in high winds and I need a new one.
Luckily the Sky unit only lost one of the hinges on the base where the batteries go in so its still working.

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I don’t think there is already such thing as a store to order but I’ll copy @anon84912554 in this topic to get their attention
Else you can also contact WF direct, they’ll get you going for sure

support via the website :

support via mail :

also, was your mount correctly on the tube ? Not just halfway pressed in or something ? Pretty amazing it broke, maybe some weak spot in the moulding … some of us saw heavy wnds and I don’t recall any broken mount


thanks @eric !

Hi Paul, I believe we’ve been in touch with you via e-mail and we’re just waiting for you to confirm your address. Thanks a bunch!

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