Issues with Sky mount (solved)

I have my Sky unit temporarily mounted on a 60" galvanized 1" pole. Tonight I attempted to add another 60" pole. I pulled the 1st pole out of the ground and tilted it over to remove the Sky when the sky mount came apart. It looks like it should have 4 little screws in there maybe. Otherwise, its o ly held together with friction. With the installed gasket the friction pieces don’t make contact with each other…I discovered that when I tried to crazy glue them together. Currently at a loss as to how to get it to hold together, any ideas are welcome.


Can you pls. post a couple more pics (side angle, etc) so we have a better idea what’s going on? Thanks!

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Dave, there should be four little screws and a vinyl sticker (with the “WeatherFlow” logo and compliance icons) covering that. Looks like your pole mount is missing the four little screws! Please open a ticket with support by filling out the form or send an email to and we’ll get a replacement out to you ASAP.

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Looks like you didn’t get screwed.