Sky pole mount is stuck: Can't remove it from the pole

Greetings. I did a temporary install of the Sky and all was well until I tried to remove it from the pole. No dice. So since I have no recollection: should it loosen when turning the plastic grip counter-clockwise when looking Down at the top of the pole?

That’s what I would expect, but I may have to crack the (wooden) pole and split it to get the sky off there. I’m planning tests on a mobile mount, and am also trying to sell my University on getting one – so a temporary mount there is in the future as well.

Thanks for any insight. I’m trying to avoid breaking out an oxy-acetylene torch :slightly_smiling_face:

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NO. When looking DOWN from the top of the Sky it would be clockwise. Just like everything else in this world.

With the Sky upright, turn the plastic grip from right to left.

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Excellent. Thank you.

I’ve had this issue, too. I’ve tried Teflon tape and silicone spray to keep the ring from getting stuck and neither item has worked. My latest attempt is some R1 ceramic nano-coating. I’ll find out next time I move my mobile unit how well it works. I haven’t figured out if it s the design of the threads or the plastic but it is sure annoying.

At least the SKY can be removed from the mount first.

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Do you really want the mount to be that easy to remove? I don’t.

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I have this issue, AND also couldnt be sure which way to turn it. It feels like I will break it trying to unscrew it. So to confirm the direction to undoo is valuable to me too.

Regarding tightness. When I just replaced the batteries I was surprised how little rotational force was required to remove the Sky from above its mount. So little force I thought about taping it up to be sure it doesnt move.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Well, it is so tight that I almost have to get a large channel-loc type wrench to get the nut loose, so yes, it needs to be easier to turn. The plastic literally sticks together, almost like it was glued together. This isn’t a smooth tight turn, it literally is like a rusted on nut that wont turn until BANG it finally breaks loose. One of my SKY units gets moved every time I go camping so it needs to be removable without a wrench.

I strongly disagree. This is a bottle of QE II that you are going to open everyday. It’s a device that is meant to be installed and left sitting on a pole, year after year after year.

Mine is has been sitting on a pole for months and I have had no desire or need to remove it since.

That’s a good feature. You know it won’t come off easily. Your solution is to request a second mount. However, I would suggest you build a custom mount to make your life less hectic.

Huh ?
I have no idea what that means…

That should have been, “This is NOT a bottle of QE II…”


Just because a mount is easily removed doesn’t mean that it can’t be permanent and won’t loosen over time. Both of our needs/wants can be achieved in a single mount. I have seen other plastic compression fittings which get stuck like the WF pole mount and I have seen ones which do not get stuck while neither one would loosen on their own. I’m not sure if it was the type of plastic or the thread design, maybe both.

Once I stopped trying to tighten it when I was attempting to loosen it, it came off pretty easily. So for me at least, the engineering balance is just right between (1) holds securely and (2) comes off with some but not “too much” effort … so, kudos to the engineers. For those with semi-stuck sensors, a combination of (1) turning it the right way and (2) good-grip gloves will hopefully do the trick.


Did you try a few drops of WD40? Any Walmart auto section or auto parts store.

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Hi @WFmarketing,
Some of us have issues trying to undo the mount after we have tightened it enough so that it doesnt turn. Perhaps hot weather and time make it bite on. I photographed this mount to help understand it:

These pictures of a new mount will help to remember which direction to turn it to undo it. And looking at how the sides bend when it is tightened help understand why the threaded slots then act like teeth grabbing it on. And with the smooth inside understand why it can easily rotate unless it is done up tight.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I definitely see that as a small issue. I suggest that some may have to insure that the top of the pole is not smooth. A little 80 grit sandpaper may help.

Yes @GaryFunk,
With this new mount I have I might file a taper where the sharp threads on the mount currently jam and bite in to the nut in the unthreading direction AND might add something grippy to the inside. Perhaps some pointy screws or some thin wire threaded through some holes?
Then it might become a secure AND easily removable mount.
If it works then in the future Weatherflow might wish to alter the mould to include the taper to the thread and some teeth to the inside.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Thin wire will work. Wrap about 24" or 60 cm of 22 gage wire around the top of the pole and then slip the mount over the wire. That will provide enough friction to keep the mount very tight.