Sky Base tightness

Anyone else find that the SKY and the pole adapter isn’t all that tight? I’m a little concern that a good blast of wind and/or vibrations could at some point twist the SKY off the pole adapter.

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Only if the outside diameter of the poll is too small.

Not the part where the adapter connects to the pole, that’s tight and I added a little bit of rubber tape to make sure it’s a good tight fit. But the part that connects from the base(where the battery compartment is) to the pole adapter.

I can’t recall anyone reporting that occurring through months of field testing where several field testers reported some pretty ferocious winds. But . . . tape isn’t a bad idea if you are concerned about it.


Ah, I understand. I haven’t seen anyone report that.The three I have are very tight. Not as tight as the Air but very snug.

Is the rubber O-ring gasket in place???

I know there was one on one side, but didn’t noticed if there was another on the other side. I would assume there should be two?

I also noticed that the twist lock between the sky and the adapter is easy to separate, possibly too easy. I’m not sure how well the sky would survive a 20 foot fall.

it probably wont and probably the kneck would be damaged just do as i do just as a precaution wrap a single layer of relatively thick tape at the joint…

ps i drop one 80 feet in January

photo is not good quality ive lost my regular roof access point since a recent fire but thats all I do with the tape


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O-rings are used on only one side of any joint. All of my mounts only have one…

Yes, just received and mounted my Sky and Air. 1" mast is a bit narrow. Resolved with a couple of wraps of duct tape before sliding the base down.Sky%20Mounted